What makes a good political blog?

A study of top US political blogs found left-leaning sites collaborative and campaigning, and right-leaning sites exclusive.

The research, detailed in American Behavioral Scientist (April 2012, p459-487), looked at 155 different blog sites.

It found that left-leaning blogs have more likely to be co-authored, allow user contributions, don’t differentiate between originating and externally sourced content, and include longer posts and discussions.

The authors claim that “the practices of the right suggest that a small group of elites may retain more exclusive agenda-setting authority online.”

It appears to me though, that both approaches, collaborative and exclusive, can be successful.

The left-wing blogs undoubtedly made a contribution to the aura of the first Obama presidential campaign.

The right wing blogs have resurfaced recently. So much so that the Republican Party is becoming concerned that the blogs and those running them are driving ideology and policy, rather than the Party.

Collaborative political blogs can succeed because they share a common purpose and language. Exclusive political blogs can success through the attractiveness and cohesiveness of the ideas they espouse.

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