Presidential musical

There’s a lovely tradition of US Presidential candidates singing on the hustings.

Why lovely? Because there’s nothing more natural, more humanising, and more optimistic, than singing. In professional era politics, singing seems just too risky, and yet, the imperfectly pitched hokeyness is damn near politically perfect.

Yet the whole thing has got, as usual, out of hand:

Romney started this campaign’s singing dual with a passion for mutilating America the Beautiful at his appearances.

Obama has a slightly better voice, so he’s replied with a couple of MOR renditions of his own.

The attack adverts of both sides have taken to mocking the opponent’s singing.

Then copyright violations prevented the use of the singing in adverts.

And now, some excellent crowd-sourced musical mashups have taken the candidates into songs I’m sure they don’t know the words for.

What I particularly like about the Obama mashups is how they highlight the clever tonality and cadence of Obama’s speeches and verbal presentations.

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