Inane political tweets #1

Containing a good argument within a tweet is tough. The trouble with Twitter is that it encourages MPs, and anyone, to voice opinion rather than considered argument.

So Wigram MP Megan Woods, Labour’s spokersperson for Youth Affairs, tweeted a poor argument against National’s ‘asset sales’. She argued that National’s claim it had a mandate was not a good one, as Hitler also had a “pretty clear manifesto”.

Around the caucus coffee table this faulty analogy probably gets murmurs of approval.

But when written down, it’s revealed to be a protest slogan, but a pretty hopeless argument.

“Hitler had a pretty clear manifesto that he campaigned and won on. Question: does this make what he did ok @NZNationalParty? #SaveOurAssets

Woods got in trouble for the tweet, but only for the comparison with Hitler, not the poor quality argument. Ironically that simply entrenches the power of the Hitler  comparison for later use.

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