Rise of professional politicians – UK, ctd

A new movement in UK wants to get people back into politics – not professional politicians.

Reacting against the “professionalisation” of politics documented in this blog, a movement called Democracy2015 has been started. It’s aim is to revolutionise British politics before the next general election.

The movement claims

incompetence of government and betrayal of voter trust by career politicians has chipped away at the public’s faith in politics".

A political class has gradually emerged in the last 25 years whose only interest is in winning elections and gaining power.

Apparently this revolution will

reverse public apathy by offering the chance for members of the public to engage with current affairs beyond general elections.

oh dear.

I’m not sure it’s quite the sort of revolution that really changes things?

The movement is the brainchild of The Independent’s founding editor, Andreas Whittam Smith.

It looks more like the sort of insipid idea that comes out of Government strategy rooms and wine bars.

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