Calling the Obama-Romney first fight

My call of the first Obama-Romney debate, as it happened.

mark_blackham Oct 04, 1:59pm via HootSuite

Lehrer does his ‘hilarious’ warm up routine, and now the room is hushed waiting for Obama and Romney. 1 min.

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:08pm via HootSuite

rough first answer from Obama. Bit of stumbling and a stilted reach out to his wife on their anniversary

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:10pm via HootSuite

Slick start from Romney. Nice play on Obama’s wedding anniversary, and a list of vox pops on what’s wrong with the economy.

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:13pm via HootSuite

Romney references middle-Americans before Obama does. Continues theme of tough economy. Denies tax-cuts for wealthy. Winning #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:18pm via HootSuite

Both candidates racing for the middle class. Romney gets there first. Denies Obama’s claims re. tax cuts. #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:20pm via HootSuite

Romney: Brilliant off-cuff reference to experience with his young sons to beat off Obama claims about his tax plan. #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:21pm via HootSuite

RT @LewStoddart: Pres debates aren’t about beating the other guy – they’re about beating the expectations on you. Romney is doing that so…

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:23pm via HootSuite

Totally unexpected. Romney is putting up great show. Creaming Obama, who just tried to retreat the debate off economy #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:26pm via HootSuite

Obama tried to explain how businesses have worked better under him but stilted, lumpy, silences. Listeners lose track #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:28pm via HootSuite

Obama over-prepped on detail, but not on passion. #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:33pm via HootSuite

Obama doesn’t think he should have to be in there with this guy Romney, and it’s damaging his performance #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:39pm via HootSuite

Obama made his first reference to a real person doing a real job – a teacher – to point out how rough it is in schools. Hmm. #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:40pm via HootSuite

Romney getting too excited at the blood – trying to chomp on every bit of flesh Obama is shedding #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:41pm via HootSuite

Obama: oh heck, here we go, Obama has reached back to his poor hard working family story #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:42pm via HootSuite

RT @BlGBlRD: WTF Mitt Romney… 😦

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:45pm via HootSuite

Who needs body language experts: we can read Obama’s bent leg, lectern lean and lack of eye contact. He’s half out of there #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:53pm via HootSuite

Lehrer did not secure control of this debate at the outset, and now they’re ignoring him while he stutters in the background #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:55pm via HootSuite

Lehrer wrestles stage off Romney, hands it to Obama, and he just stares at his notes and stammers. #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:56pm via HootSuite

RT @nytimes: We have a team of reporters fact-checking the debate: | They won’t be finished before the election

mark_blackham Oct 04, 2:59pm via HootSuite

Middle of Pres debate and the candidates lean against each other for a breather #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:03pm via HootSuite

Romney makes the plea for bi-partisan co-operation that Obama owned at the last election campaign #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:07pm via HootSuite

I think Obama finally made a good case for ObamaCare, but I’d stopped listening halfway through. #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:11pm via HootSuite

Come on Obama! He turns to Romney, readies for a retort against Romney’s health plan, then talks and talks and talks #debate

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:12pm via HootSuite

And there it is! Romney cites Reagan! But, er, about what? #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:13pm via HootSuite

RT @seizethewine: Mittens’ American flag pin is bigger so probably vote for him #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:17pm via HootSuite

The importance of wearing a lapel pin in political debates: symbolism #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:19pm via HootSuite

@Rachel_Smalley this debate is about domestic issues. I’m picking Romney won’t do so well on the later ones…

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:23pm via HootSuite

Witnessing the debate problem for incumbents: elevates the contender, while the incumbent is no longer the boss #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:28pm via HootSuite

Late come-back from Obama! Just as the bell goes, he lets loose with a flurry of passionate, desperate, punches. #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:32pm via HootSuite

Well, that prepared final statement from Obama was a let down. Self-deprecating just reinforced the sad performance #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:33pm via HootSuite

Okay finish from Romney – he just danced around a bit as the fight had already been well won. #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:35pm via HootSuite

Romney’s family just flooded onto the stage. The winner holds the stage and waves. The loser heads to the dressing room #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:38pm via HootSuite

Hands down win to Romney. Passionate. Confident. Smooth. Danced like a butterfly. Obama gloomy, erratic, uncertain #debates #cspan2012

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:41pm via HootSuite

Seen this before, contender takes first fight in surprise effort. Obama must come back passionate, pointed, incisive. #debates #cspan2012

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:42pm via HootSuite

Jim Lehrer just got control of the debate… and the candidates have left the building #debates

mark_blackham Oct 04, 3:45pm via HootSuite

Zinger count = one. Romney: you are entitled to your own airplane and your own house but not your own facts #debates irony eh? @cjsnowdon


Pres candidate spin starts. Romney camp thrilled. Obama camp agrees.…

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