Vice Presidential debate 2012: the live call

mark_blackham 2:08pm via HootSuite

Ryan’s got the bigger US Flag lapel pin; trying too hard? #debates #debate

mark_blackham 2:11pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate: nice start from both. confident statements about their respective leaders

mark_blackham 2:12pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden trying too hard on detail and explanation. Has stammered and referred to notes a few times

mark_blackham 2:14pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Ryan strident on intl politics: “peace through strength”. We won’t apologise for our values.

mark_blackham 2:17pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden seems to have been drilled within an inch of his life in rehearsals.

mark_blackham 2:18pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden grinning and shaking head at Ryan. It doesn’t make Ryan look stupid, it makes Biden look unfairly dismissive.

mark_blackham 2:21pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden whacks Ryan with a good question: do you want to go to war (with Iran)?

mark_blackham 2:23pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Ryan talking tough on Iran: ‘we will make them’, but won’t describe how. Biden’s question: you want to go to war?

mark_blackham 2:25pm via HootSuite

VP #debates great question from moderator to set up economic section of #debate

mark_blackham 2:27pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden slams Ryan over “real people” who pay more in tax than Romney does. “I’ve had it up to here with this 47% stuff…

mark_blackham 2:28pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Ryan starts a slammer back about unemployment in Bidens home town. Biden pings him mid-flight, and Ryan loses way

mark_blackham 2:29pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Ryan tells story of Romney helping a family hit by tragedy. Romney’s a good man. Gives away 30% of his wealth

mark_blackham 2:31pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Ryan softens the 47% accusation by looking at Biden and saying ‘sometimes things come out out mouth that we don’t mean’.

mark_blackham 2:32pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden – stop talking about how you care for people and show it with what you do. Critiques Ryan’s voting pattern.

mark_blackham 2:34pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Heating up great! Biden’s got Ryan, writing to Biden for hand outs for companies in his constituency

mark_blackham 2:35pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate another excellently shaped question from the moderator on Medicare

mark_blackham 2:37pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Ryan uses personal testimony to credit the value of medicare. We won’t repeal obamacare (then critiques lots of it)

mark_blackham 2:38pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Ryan we’d rather have 15million americans choose their medical care plans than 15 bureaucrats

mark_blackham 2:41pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden’s got a good interruption thing going, putting Ryan off stride, but it’s looking disrespectful

mark_blackham 2:43pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden has rehearsed to be the bad cop. Ryan’s looking like a perp without a good alibi.

mark_blackham 2:46pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden’s the tough wizened cop who’s seen all this before. He just got angry at Ryan. Slaps him about!

mark_blackham 2:49pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Ryan: there aren’t enough small business people to tax, to pay for all their spending

mark_blackham 2:51pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden: risks looking unfair and arrogant, but he should keep up the career-cop disbelief cause it ruins Ryan’s schtick

mark_blackham 2:52pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden cuts across Ryan to moderator: I’ll translate this (Ryan’s tax plan)

mark_blackham 2:55pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden: I’m not sure I expect, or want, a man of his age to have toothpaste ad teeth. Exaggerates the grin.

mark_blackham 2:57pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden AND moderator exposing Ryan on lack of detail

mark_blackham 3:00pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Ryan: I went to Afghanistan. Sat with solider. In awe of their accomplishment. Must fight until the 2014 transition

mark_blackham 3:02pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate #bidenwinning ever so slightly. Ryan needed a slam dunk for his ticket to roll over Obama.

mark_blackham 3:05pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Ryan sees chaotic world without US. Biden’s got right wing line, telling nations to take responsibility for themselves

mark_blackham 3:09pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden caught Ryan appearing to suggest that more American soldiers get sent in to most dangerous place in Afghanistan

mark_blackham 3:11pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden on Syria: we stand by Turkey, but we’re not sending in troops. Asks Ryan if he would.

mark_blackham 3:13pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Ryan asked what he would do differently in Syria but he just describes the bad situation there. Understands it though.

mark_blackham 3:15pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Ryan is doing badly on foreign war policies. Very equivocal. Very unclear.

mark_blackham 3:16pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate tough question on their religion related to abortion policy. Fantastic question.

mark_blackham 3:18pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Ryan: pro life due to religion. Describes seeing his firstborn’s heartbeat (which apparently is his science reason)

mark_blackham 3:19pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Biden: I accept my Church’s view on pro-life, but I can’t impose it on other beliefs, nor the supreme court

mark_blackham 3:22pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Ryan: very clear – they intend to make abortion illegal

mark_blackham 3:27pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate okay that sucks. They both answer question explaining the bad faith campaign with criticism of opponent

mark_blackham 3:29pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Now Ryan is smirking and head-shaking. He’s not sure he’s done it tonight.

mark_blackham 3:29pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate final statement: Ryan – proven pro-growth strategy. Ignores set up question about difference as a man

mark_blackham 3:30pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate very nice comment from Biden about his personal values – stand by record, treat everyone fairly

mark_blackham 3:31pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate final statement: Biden. They’re criticising my people, those that built this country, that are looking for an even shot.

mark_blackham 3:33pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate Final Ryan. Down camera. This is not a real recovery. You deserve better. We offer real reforms for a real recovery.

mark_blackham 3:35pm via HootSuite

VP #debates #debate I really like this practice of post debate mingling of families, and greetings. Humanises politics a little.

mark_blackham 3:38pm via HootSuite

VP #debate Assessment: draw on the night due to different styles, but win to Obama ticket by stopping Romney debate train

mark_blackham 3:41pm via HootSuite

VP #debate: styles make fights. Biden attacked and never let Ryan set. Ryan posed in the corner, but rarely looked good when he engaged.

VP #debate I’d point the debate a little in Biden’s favour against a 1st Romney term, but he didn’t make case for a 2nd Obama term.

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