1st Obama Prez debate freaked out his team

What makes political campaign so damn exciting is that “white knuckle” moment when Obama had a brain freeze in the 1st Presidential Debate against Romney.

Here’s an interview that reveals how scary that was for Obama’s team.

It’s frustrating though that they can’t bring themselves to be totally honest about it, quickly replacing the admission with ‘happy talk’ bollocks that they were still confident. 

It’s the same bollocks that came out of the Obama camp immediately after that terrible first debate. We’d all watched Obama get creamed, yet his team insisted it was all fine.

Check out this from TPM which reveals the desperation with which the Obama camp had tried to undermine a PEW poll that showed Obama had lost voter support because of the poor performance.

Ridiculous – the week-long denial hurt Obama even further by reducing his campaign’s believability.

The poor talent in politics defends in the indefensible.

The real talent in politics knows how to gain confidence and support while admitting things have gone wrong.

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