Left for poor / Right for rich

US study shows the poor are well represented in politics.
A sadly common and easy narrative in politics is that money influences legislative outcomes. It’s often peddled that the poor fare badly from legislation, and that the rich do well, because most politicians hang out with, or are, wealthy.
A Yale study of US voting patterns shows this is not true.
The study shows something far more disturbing: that politicians are very predictable in their voting.
What actually happens is that politicians of the ‘left’ vote for the poor, and right-wing politicians vote for the wealthy.
There’s also a result of far deeper importance than destroying the rich beat poor narrative. The study also helps destroy the idea that there’s actually strong differences in the political opinions of low and high income voters!
The researches compared legislative and constituent votes to show that
1) The opinions of high and low incomevoters are highly correlated; the legislator’s vote often reflects the desire of both.
2) What differences in representation by income exist, vary by legislator party. Republicans more often vote the will of their higher income over their lower income constituents; Democratic legislators do the reverse.
3) Differences in representation by income are largely explained by the correlation between constituent income and party affiliation

Fascinating… and yet I know that no politicians, particularly not those from the left, will drop the story that the poor think differently from the rich, and are not well represented in Parliament.

They won’t drop it because the story is essential to explaining the differences between the way of thinking of the political parties, and thus, they think, critical to them being elected.

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