Going too far

Desperation turned Labour rabid yesterday in its pursuit of Peter Dunne.

Peter Dunne is clearly no longer leader of a political party. If the truth were known, it might turn out that he hasn’t been leader of a fully-fledged party for quite some time.

But the Speaker is right to let United Future speedily resubmit for Party status. It’s the fair thing to do, and most of us take pride in the reasonableness and fairness of our culture.

We’re not litigious, nit-picking, drama queens. Let’s leave that to America – and maybe now, to the Labour Party.

Labour looked rabid yesterday in its pursuit of the Speaker and its attempt to get Dunne’s entitlements cut during the period in which his Party resubmits for registration.

Labour’s desperation to make the Key Government look messy, led it to precisely the type of behaviour that voters dislike. In fact, precisely the opposite behaviour to the tempered jovial and easy-going demeanor that has had John Key so high in the polls for so long.

The dilemma facing Oppositions is that you need to be passionate to expose the Government, but too much passion turns people off because it’s shrill, self-serving and disproportionate.

Labour crossed that line yesterday. It allegations of corruption were an outrageous slur on the Kiwi culture of fairness.

If United Future fails to re-register, then the Speaker’s course must be clear. Until then, let’s give them a chance. It’s the Kiwi thing to do.

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