Who’s in charge here?

I’m up for a fight, and politics ought to be passionate, so I take no exception to Michelle Obama’s physical intimidation of hecklers at a speech she was giving.

If you’re going to heckle, you need to expect people to be upset. There’s few things as hypocritical than people who challenge the establishment, then get upset when the establishment reacts.

I like that Obama didn’t use her podium to bully the heckler but seems to have been prepared to face off at the same level.

I don’t like that Obama was not happy at the challenge. She gave her audience an ultimatum; it’s her or me. Well, this is politics in a democracy. When politicians front up to the public, they should not expect to get a free ride. They never got one when they were fighting their way to the top. The moment you expect not to be challenged is the moment you’re starting to lose.

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