Bit late now

John Key has correctly, but out of self-interest, complained that the hounding of Peter Dunne has gone too far.

“In my view we’re getting to a point where we’re trying to hound everybody out of Parliament" 

Well, yes, we are. Pathetic isn’t it? But then, Key was complicit in the hounding of Aaron Gilmore from Parliament for nothing more than a tipsy display of arrogance. So it’s a bit late to start arguing now.

This time opposition forces are chasing Peter Dunne for not giving some emails to the person Key had asked to look into a leak of a report into the GCSB that was going to be released in full a few days later anyway.

Key is belatedly realising the problem of playing along with witch hunts; there’s a chance you’re the next witch.

It’s easier to give in to the controversy, and act as the mob wants, when it doesn’t appear to matter much. But keeping perspective in politics, especially when in Government, is a full time job.

Politicians they lose their own ethical center in response to pressures from other politicians and media. But those sources have in turn lost their own ethical center in the hunt for political favour, power or content.

Witness the ferocity of attack by Winston Peters on this matter – totally disproportionate to the situation.

Under that sort of pressure, it’s hard for people to keep their reason. John Key has done an excellent job to date, which is why he is so widely liked by the public.

Those chasing down what might be a peccadillo, should consider that the biggest benefit of democracy is the perspective brought to politics by the weight of voter apathy.

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