When politicians go ‘cool’

Apparently bands know they’ve made it when politicians name-check them.

It’s a useful barometer, if even a witless mainstream politician can name you, the band has clearly passed some sort of recognition threshold

On the other hand, if you’re a politician, and for the you’re about to utter the name of a band created within the last twenty years, you’re passed a threshold for looking gormless.

Gordon Brown said he liked the Artic Monkeys… and a band as well.

BTW: The guy who noted this threshold, Stuart Maconie, a DJ on BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music,wrote a history of 20th Century Britain through music.

In Telegraph “Way with Words” conference he came eerily close to echoing sentiments expressed here at Political Strategy: “Our political class now belongs to a group of people who share the same educational background, the same lack of experience of the real world of work. Labour, Conservative, Liberal – whatever your politics – that’s a bad thing for democracy.”

I think he’s hit on a reason for the relatively new phenomenon of band name checking. Professional politicians tell themselves they’re doing it to appeal to voters – to show they’re in touch with the ‘real world’. They also do it for positive attachment reasons. But I think there’s a hidden reason – that professional politicians want to appear like normal people – normal adjusted and clever people who have chosen a very abnormal career. 

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