Toughen Up

If you work in the world of ideas and politics, expect someone to express strong distaste.

It’s pathetic that London School of Economics Professor Robert Wade whined to media about Bill English getting cross at comments that National made economic policy for the top 1% of the population.

I can understand why that claim made English angry, because it’s  questioning the personal motives of politicians, not their economic policy.

By Wade’s own admission, English never touched him, but pointed a finger, sounded angry and probably had a cross look on his face. Is that it? Really?

To be fair to Wade, he doesn’t dramatise the ‘incident’, but that’s just part of his positioning. His motive is to use the emotional reaction of an opponent as moral leverage – which means he’s just as emotionally driven as the rest of us.

If politics and ideas matter, then there has to be emotional reactions.

If he really wants no-one to react to his ideas, then his ideas deserve to stay in an unreal world.

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