Political sex (cont)

NZ local govt candidate does a “weiner” and immediately quits from race.

I recently blogged on what sort of ‘sex’ politicians can indulge in. I concluded that straight sex is okay, even lots of it, but ‘weird’ or alternative, and ‘sleazy’, is electorally unpalatable.

The gay sexting activity of Christchurch local body candidate, Paul Findlay, is not mainstream. He’s going to be roasted for it. He’s pulled out.

On the pure political strategy front, continuing an alternative sexual lifestyle in such risky fashion during a campaign is plain stupid. Findlay showed sufficient nativity to not warrant being a politician.

But to truly understand political strategy, you have to tackle the deeper realities and not get hung up on sensitivities. Some pundits are dancing on pins that the bad thing about Finlay is that he continued with the exchange after being told the person was 15. It’s unclear why that matters here.

It’s not the age of the texting correspondent that warrants Finlay’s embarrassment, it’s the exposure of his very non-mainstream sexual activity, and exposure of his genitals to the rest of the public.

Many, if not most, of the public will conclude that a person whose sex life includes sending pictures of himself to unknown online hookups is not the sort of person to represent them in national or community political life.

Some beltway pundits say sex lifestyles do not reflect a politician’s ability to do the job. Most of the public conclude very differently.

They conclude that sexual lifestyle is component of a person’s worldview. The further it gets away from mainstream, the less likely that person is to think similarly to those they represent.

They also conclude that some sexual lifestyles stop people doing a job well. There is a point where, for example, philandering stops being admirable or tolerable, and starts being such a soak on time, energy and emotion. That is, it affects the amount of time and quality of perspective that can be exercised on the 24/7 expectations of politics.  

Thus, those found to be living on the margins of the sexual behaviour bell curve should expect to find it hard or impossible to win votes from most of the public.

Which is why Weiner was a fool to carry on with his political come-back, and why our very own Weiner, Paul Findlay, is right to immediately pull out of the race. He should also forget about trying again.

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