Kohanga Reo hubris

Being politically untouchable incentivises hubris. 

Spending of public money by staff of the Kohanga Reo trust has been uncovered.

The situation is the result of the political elite’s creation of a privileged position for the trust. Protected by its own success and subject matter, the Trust appears to have become slack in its treatment of the public funds which prop it up.

An interesting blog from Maui St contrasts the misspending with a fall in numbers of kohanga reo and their tight budgets.

Misspending of public money is more likely the longer people hold positions and their institutions continue without change or question.

In these situations good people convince themselves that they are synonymous with their organisation, and that they deserve more benefit from the work they’ve put in.

The next test of these good people is what they do when their misspending is discovered. In this case the Trust members appear to have been belligerent, litigious, and evasive.

They will have bound their personality and professional lives so firmly with the institution that they will perceive criticism as a threat to the institution. In their minds this would have justified the defensive reaction.

Good people will see how they have been changed by their privileged position and will resign.

Politicians and bureaucrats create these situations. No one, and no issue, should be beyond question.

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