The Trump Thing: emotion

Donald Trump is striking chords with disgruntled middle America because of the emotional intent of what he says, not the literal meaning.

All the intellectual smartiepants mock Trump because he says he’ll build walls and stop Islamic people coming into America. They mock the sort of people who like him as being stupid to agree with these things. Yes, the illiteracy of the words, the phrasing and the concepts is unusual for a modern candidate.

But the emotional intent of those concepts is what attracts voters. Few voters seriously think a wall is viable. Few voters seriously think to ban religions. Few think Trump can magic-up “millions” of jobs.

They want these things, and know they can’t get them. But at the very least, they want a President who also them.

They believe they are more likely to get those issues that matter to them dealt with under that sort of President. It may not be a wall – but it will be an attitude and set of rules that amount to a metaphorical wall. 

Intellectuals and the establishment elite are appalled at the Trump appeal to base emotions. But how easily they themselves followed the base emotion of hope when they cheered on Obama’s empty and nonsensical “change” rhetoric during his first campaign. Where is that “change” and wonderful world that Obama promised?

The elite, intellectuals and the left have an ego-concept of themselves as smart, thinking people. They beleive their opinions are based on logic,reason and altruistic intentions.

They are infuriated by Trump’s almost undebateable style. He doesn’t say anything concrete. He makes it up as he goes along. He shifts seemlessly between multiple forms of irrational argument format and unlinked content. It would be like arguing with my Dad – pointless.

And they hate that people respond to this rhetoric. Isn’t this world of politics for smart people to argue cleverly over smart things?

I have to ask; if all the ‘right’ people have been running America, and the Western World, to date – with all their smarts, their degrees, their right-on bien–pensant views – then being smart doesn’t seem like what we need at all.

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