Fake Freudian slips

Sue Moroney’s tweet deriding a snazzy bach owner for flying John Key’s preferred flag revealed not a real attitude, but a fake one.

In this era of professional politicians, the uniform of the job is an ill-fitting suit of
ideologies, attitudes and platitudes. It is your entry to group think; the race to illogical conclusions and amplified emotions.
If you wear the suit for long enough, it defines you.

As a sensible and reasonable person, and someone who owns a bach herself, it is unlikely that Sue Moroney believes people in holiday homes can’t express an opinion, or that they get to decide things for everyone else.

The rules of belonging to the professional class of politicians don’t have a lot of room for reasonableness. That doesn’t get you heard. It doesn’t help define you, especially among your political network. It doesn’t help your right-on political credentials.

The result is a spiral into intolerance which turns citizens into politicised symbols. You define yourself by objectifying voters.

The irony is that the whole thing objectifies politicians as well. They become
caricatures of narrow types of political thinking.

In that sense, Moroney didn’t really believe what she wrote. She was trying to conform to the stereotype expected of someone wearing her particular political uniform. Well hell, it’s a living.

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