Elitist obsession with Brash/Massey

The liberal elite are bothered by Brash and fascinated by Massey University shutting him down, but they’re not at all bothered by what happened to the kids at Whanganui High.

Brash just says things the liberal elite don’t want to like, and Massey is a test of whether the liberal elite can get away with shutting this down (it looks like they can).

But Whanganui High was real racism in action – a benevolent oppression that cuts those boys off from the full range of lives and livelihoods the modern world offers.

Maori and Pacific Island boys at Whanganui High School are not known to the liberal elite. Their separation into a group to be lectured by boxer Joseph Parker doesn’t help the positive discrimination argument. These boys can’t serve an ideological purpose. Their situation has been dropped.

Whereas, Don Brash is the man the liberal elite love to hate. They’ve cast and billed him as a racist villain. They use him to illustrate their moral superiority.

These preeners don’t care about the future of working class, and Maori and Pacific Island, boys. They care about what’s happening at a University, with people of their own ilk. They care only about impressing their peers with skilled but fey expression of outrage.

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